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Mike has been a passionate bowler for many years and even worked at Meridian Lanes! In fact they met because Donna's daughter would babysit for Mike while he had league nights. Since Donna was a child she was in the kitchen with her sister learning from their Mom how to cook all the best comfort foods from scratch. So In 2006 when Mike and Donna Marose had the chance to buy such a iconic piece of Homedale history (then called Owyhee Lanes & Restaurant) it felt like the right move because it was the perfect fit for both their hobbies.


Over the last 15 years The Bowling Alley has become a staple in this small town. It's not just a place to bowl Friday nights and eat some award wining food, it's a community and a way of life. Every customer is treated like family (and they know family well ... they have 8 kids + their 7 spouses, and 14 grandbabies!!) it's a waitress that knows you by name and knows your exact order, it's the children that come in for Saturday morning leagues, it's your favorite date night spot for the best ice cream in town, it's where God, the military & BSU are honored, it's where we celebrate weddings and all your favorite family events, its where we gather around and pray before supper, it's where your kids love to come hang out on a Saturday night, it's where you always have your company Christmas party, it's where you go weekly to try your luck at the magic 300 score and drink your favorite beer with your buddies, it's where you come after a long day for a home style dinner you didn't have to cook yourself, it's where the local sport teams celebrate their victories, it's where we come together Homedale, it's The Bowling Alley!

We can't wait for you to come visit us! 

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